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Vineyard Park at Bothell Landing – Testimonials

“Everyone is so helpful and caring and always there for you. The staff is great and lots to do if you want to” Bette

“Living at Vineyard has been an amazing experience. Most of all, staff and all the people involved in running the place have been great. They are very sincere and loving and knowledgeable. Housekeeping is great, nursing station is superb, dining room staff and front desk are wonderful.” Najibeh & Ahmad

“The kindness and patience of all the staff here at the Vineyard make ‘getting old’ for me a pleasure instead of a time of worry and fear. I feel very fortunate to call Vineyard Park my home!” Nancy

“Over the five years I have resided here I have become more and more happy and relaxed.” Bonnie

“The activity director brings the best in entertainment and lends a helping hand when we need her!” Laurel

“Everyone makes you feel welcome from the first day here. The warm hominess of the décor is heartwarming. The apartments are spacious and comfortable.” Lynn

“My needs are always listened to…I see clearly staff extend their help beyond job descriptions…I am very grateful to be here. I made such wonderful friends!” Donna


March 1, 2016
I am a busy performer circulating retirement communities throughout the greater Seattle area. I’ve had the honor of performing in front of many seniors as well as the staff who runs the operation and makes this all happen.

I am writing today to give huge recognition to a specific property I regularly visit: Vineyard Park at Bothell Landing.
Although I have seen many wonderfully managed properties caring for seniors, I’d have to say Vineyard Park at Bothell Landing has some of the best management I’ve experienced. I know this industry has its challenges, but it doesn’t seem to affect this establishment. The attentiveness to quality service, the well managed vicinity, and the genuine care for these seniors is incomparable.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,
Naomi R. Morgan


I did a behind the scenes of marketing talk with the residents and got some good feedback that I though you might enjoy hearing.

I asked they why they enjoy living here and why others should join them:

  1. We are very relaxed people, we don’t have to worry about anything
  2. There are a lot of couples here, more than there have been in a while, nice for us married people
  3. Select Rehab is wonderful and they do a great job…so nice they are right here in the building
  4. Nice outside yard and patios…nice views from our apartments
  5. The building is cozy, homie and clean
  6. The residents have friendly, welcoming attitudes
  7. We can be comfortable, dress neat casual, not dressy and stuffy
  8. We can have private time in our apartments when we want it, but then have social interaction too
  9. Great activities, lots of choices
  10. Great staff! Everyone is friendly, always smiling, kind and caring. Really like a lot of the new care givers

They did not say one negative thing, it was a lot of fun chatting with them!

Hi Nancy,

Please give my best wishes to all the staff at Vineyard Park who helped make my stay pleasant and accommodating these past 4.5 months. As I adjust to being at home, I miss the friendliness and helpfulness of everyone – of you, Stephen, Paula, Pat and Katie in the front office, of the many considerate and capable aides who lifted me when I still wore a leg brace, and escorted me about when I was in a wheelchair, of Ray, who drove me to doctor’s appointments and was so very helpful at each of them, of Mattie and Nancy – your much-appreciated housekeepers, of the dining room servers who tried so hard to give good service during all the changes and with difficult conditions in the kitchen.

I’ve been fortunate to meet and enjoy the company of many of the residents who are always gracious and friendly. My temporary stay in such a pleasant environment with congenial people has given me time to heal and begin to walk again, and for that I am very grateful.

May the holidays be joyful for all of you wonderful people at Vineyard Park.

Happy 2016 to you,
Miki Adams

My mom lived at Vineyard Park for almost a year. I visited many similar places and Vineyard Park really stood out at first because of it’s modest size and warm colorful decor that made me feel more like I was walking into someone’s home rather than an institution or hotel. But all that pales by comparison to what we experienced once my mother moved in. It was the things we couldn’t have known from the outside. It was the amazing, caring people work there, from the top down.

Stephen Greene is a treasure for sure. My mom once said, “If there is a way to make something happen, Stephen will do it.” He was involved in all aspects of care, and therefore understood what the needs were and where improvement was needed. His positive attitude seemed to be contagious, inspiring everyone who works at Vineyard Park and he seemed to be able to attract some great employees. He was accessible to both my mom and me whenever we needed him. His door was always open. He provided a shoulder to cry on,  words of wisdom and a good laugh during my mom’s last week when I was by her side much of the time.

Scottie was a warm and caring person with strong nursing and interpersonal skills. He made a big effort to coordinate my mom’s care with the hospice professionals in a way they found remarkable. Again, his door being open, inviting a conversation that changed the dynamics in my family in a way I will always be grateful for. I was a little derailed and he helped me get back on track.  When he came to confirm that my mom had died, he touched her forehead and shoulder with such tenderness, I will remember it forever. What a special human being he is.

And, Matt the Chef. Who would have expected so much nurturing coming from the kitchen? I’m so glad I had a chance to chat with him during the last few days. Otherwise I wouldn’t have known he saved extra clam chowder and added a little cream to try to boost the calories in my mom’s favorite food when he noticed she wasn’t eating much. And when a close friend came to visit the night after she died, he sent up the most amazing salads and tarts for us. It was so nice when he arrived and the food improved.  I always came on Fridays because the BBQ was amazing. It is nice for the residents to feel proud of the food when they have guests, like they did in their own homes.

There were so many others, Angelique, Tina, Ray, Marisa, etc. who took the time to talk with me about my mom especially during her last week. My mom was not the most social person and it warmed my heart to hear her talk about how great the people who worked at Vineyard Park were and to discover that last week how many of them knew her personally.

If ever I made a good decision on my mother’s behalf, it was recommending Vineyard Park for her.

With gratitude,


I’m getting in touch with you today to let you know that, after an extensive research period, GHP Magazine has selected Vineyard Park as a winner within our Outstanding Quality of Care Awards 2016.

The GHP research team identified and examined a wide range of establishments who have gone above and beyond what is expected, demonstrating their dedication to excellence alongside a true passion for empathetic care.

Rosie Sharp – Researcher
Global Health & Pharma

10519 E. Riverside Drive
Bothell, WA 98011

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