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The Cottages of Lacey – Testimonials

The best physical feature of The Cottages is the beautiful large outdoor patio area. Residents can go outside when they please and this allows them a greater sense of freedom.

The best part of the care is the friendly staff. Everyone is so nice. They are very warm and caring towards all of the residents.

We chose The Cottages because my mother had started to wander away from the adult family home where she’d been living and we needed to find a place where she would be secure. She has severe short term memory loss and a memory care facility seemed like perhaps the best option for her. She had previously lived on seven acres in New Mexico with a large garden. The outdoors had been a huge part of her life. With it’s large, always accessible outdoor patio it felt like The Cottages might better support that need. Soon after she moved in to The Cottages she said to me, “This place is great. I can go outside whenever I want.”

Eva P.

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