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Nichole M. Smith

Nichole M. Smith

Community Relations Director
The Cottages at Edgewood

I grew up in Senior Care. My mother was a geriatric care nurse in the 1980’s and throughout my childhood I would go to work with her. Often short staffed, my mother would send me to residents rooms at the age of 8 and 9 to respond to call lights and see what residents needed. Many times there was not a real physical care need and her residents were just looking for some companionship. So as a child I would provide this. It was wonderful for me because my grandparents did not live near us and at a very early age I became completely comfortable with the aging process.

In my early 20’s it was natural for me to enter into the geriatric care field and follow in my mother’s footsteps. Over the past 20 plus years working in health care, I’ve had to opportunity to work in many settings: skilled nursing, assisted living and dementia specialty. My favorite is all of them, there is just no way to choose but dementia care always has held a special place for me. My own family is on the journey of caring for a loved one with early onset Dementia. I come to Care Partners with a wealth of experience in the Senior Living industry but more importantly as a child of someone who struggles to get dressed in the morning, brush his teeth and communicate with me.

As a Community Relations Director with Care Partners it is my mission to match compassionate, ethical care to each and every families individual needs. Please reach out! Lets start the discussion in how we can partner with you in the care of your loved one.

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