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Keith Roberts

Community Relations Director

Pierce and Thurston County


When someone asks, “Why do you do this kind of work?” I honestly couldn’t picture myself doing anything else. I have always been very passionate about healthcare my whole life and I have always known that I would be working in an industry that is in the business of helping people. Coming from the geriatric psychiatric world, I have fallen in love with people who are living with dementia. After watching my grandfather decline rapidly to end of life, I have made it my life goal to work with seniors and to come from a place of love, compassion, integrity, and empathy while doing so.

When I found CarePartners, I felt like I had finally found a company whose principles, values, and beliefs reflected my own. I was very impressed with how committed they were to their residents and their families. I had finally found a company who was willing to do whatever was necessary to not only meet the needs of their residents, but also exceed their expectations. I am happy to call CarePartners my home now and I believe in what we do.


Jill Martinez

Community Relations Director

Snohomish County


I have worked in the Healthcare industry for the past 24 years. Originally from Idaho, I moved to Washington State in 1990 and have remained in this area because I enjoy the Pacific Northwest and all it has to offer outdoors with the 4 seasons. I began my career as a Certified Recreational Therapist in both Rehab and Psychiatric settings but soon discovered that my niche is actually working with the Senior population. In 2002 accepted my first position in Sales and Marketing, where I gained a lot of experience working in Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, and Adult Family home settings. I have remained in the Sales role ever since, as I enjoy offering the support and guidance needed as people make life-changing decisions.

I find that working with the Senior population is particularly rewarding because elders in general are so appreciative of the relationships they establish and they are full of knowledge and experiences that I find very interesting. We have so much to learn from our Seniors because they have experienced hardships and challenges that our younger generation may never understand, nor will they ever witness. I enjoy hearing each person’s story, their life hurdles and what makes them unique. Taking the time to really get to know an elder and their family is important in guiding their life-changing decision to move into a retirement community. I truly feel that what is crucial for an elder and their family is to make sure the community is a “good fit” for them. What is most important are the relationships and connections they will make when choosing their new home and for them to feel comfortable in their decision-making process.

I am very excited to start working for Care partners! I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and being a part of what is already a great, solid team!


Susan Dale

South Regional Director of Sales and Marketing

Pierce and Thurston County


I have been asked many times in my career, “How do you do this every day? It must be depressing doing your job seeing seniors and their families frustrated and anxious about what to do next when a family member needs care or help.” My answers to them is that I love what I do. I meet some of the most amazing individuals and their families who are just looking for the best solution to their problems. I can help them.

It is a journey that I am very familiar with both professionally and personally. No one wakes up in the morning and starts their day with a list of things to do – grocery shopping, pick up dry cleaning, take the dog to groomer, shop for retirement/ assisted living/ dementia care, manicure, plans for Super Bowl Party.  We all envision ourselves being healthy, active and living in our homes until we die.

One day we notice that things that we have done for years are becoming increasingly hard. We don’t have the energy to do everything, and our spouse is having the same difficulties. As an adult child, you notice that your parents are calling more for help, and you are feeling guilty because you just don’t have the time to spend with them to help them with all their needs. You and your siblings all work and have families yourselves. There just are not enough hours in the day to meet all the obligations and needs for you and your parents.

What do you do? Where do you start? Who can help me and are there others who are struggling with this same situation?

The good news is that you are on the right track in educating yourself as to what is available. Let me help you on your journey. I know that I can provide you with the necessary resources and assistance. 




Cathy Sullivan

North Regional Director of Sales and Marketing

South Snohomish and King County


I was asked, “Why do you do this job every day”? My answer in short, because I love what I do!

I have had the privilege of working in the senior care industry for over thirteen years. I have held several positions, most recently in sales and marketing, but regardless of the job what never changes is the love, laughter, compassion and care I share with our residents. That is the heart and soul of what I do! Add that I totally respect and believe in the CarePartners philosophy of caring for seniors and you have the perfect combination for success.


It can be challenging for both seniors and their families when faced with a major life transition. This life change can oftentimes be overwhelming and sometimes frightening. Being able to offer folks beautiful communities complete with loving, dedicated staff is awesome, and my getting to lend a helping hand to ensure a smooth transition is both rewarding and fun! I enjoy getting to know my clients personally, understanding that each one has a unique life story to share.  Listening to their stories and concerns enables me to truly understand each seniors goal for moving forward into a community, knowing they will not only be safe, comfortable, and cared for, but will thrive as well. This allows me to go home each night feeling really good about my day’s work!

The Last Revitalize U Breakfast.  With the Revitalize U Co-Chairs

Kelley R. Smith

Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing

Revitalize U Founder and Co-Chair

Snohomish Memory walk Chair


Marysville to Lacey!

You have to love what you do. And when you finally find a company that has your beliefs and your ethics…its a marriage made in Heaven! I’m proud to have 12 different solutions to help families that need Assisted Living and memory care. I love my teams and the caring, wonderful staff we work with every day.

CarePartners is HOME…

“To love someone is to learn their song and sing it to them when they have forgotten”