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Why are we a better value and lower priced than our competitors?

We know your hard earned financial resources have limits. It is our strongly held philosophy to deliver a superior product at a price that enables you to stretch and hopefully preserve your estate.

From initial construction to how we operate, we spend our money wisely. Why pay for a wine cellar, Chihully sculptures or expensive lobby artwork. These are someone else’s monuments to themselves and you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

Based on this philosophy, we strike a fair balance between our fees and what we need to cover costs, reinvest in the Community and to earn a reasonable profit for our owners.

Are more expensively priced Communities providing a higher quality of care?

Our competitors would have you believe that paying the higher prices translates into better service and a safer environment. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Higher prices often mean higher profits for the owners of these Communities.

We demonstrate daily our ability to deliver superior services in meeting your daily living and health needs and can show you how we meet or exceed our competitors in quality AND results.

Here is a typical pricing comparison between us and our competitors:


Us Them
Move in or Community Fees IL/AL $1500 $4000
Care charges – Assisted Living $20.00 to 125/day average $9,000/mo.
One bedroom apartment IL/AL $3500-3900 $3900-4400
Memory Care – move in fees $1500 $8000
Memory Care – room and care
Level one
$4100 $7500

What happens if your resources are exhausted?

Many of our competitors will require you to move out as they do not accept Medicaid reimbursement.  Or they limit the amount of rooms they license.
We make a commitment to you on day one that you can live with us as long as you are appropriate for our care setting.

We accept Medicaid and will never ask you to move